Track & Optimize

Track & Optimize

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  • Analyze actions, sharpen strategies

    Verve Momentum utilizes control group methodology to analyze campaign performance and deliver an accurate assessment of true lift to inform future strategies.

  • Alignment with business goals

    Verve Momentum ensures that the insights and recommendations you receive are relevant and actionable.

  • Proven behavioral change

    Track specific audiences over time and optimize their experiences to shape habits and loyalty.

  • Demonstration of incrementality

    Receive granular detail on how your experiences change what consumers do and where they go.

What Momentum Measures

  • Delivery

    Determine how a campaign delivers against desired consumer targets by analyzing devices exposed, frequency, and reach among target devices.

  • Engagement

    Measure consumer engagement with your content and experiences through clicks, secondary actions, time spent, and other conversion metrics.

  • Relevance

    Uncover an ad’s impact on foot traffic by analyzing store conversion, visit frequency, and rate of desired action.

  • Performance

    Capture data on incremental visits, visit frequency, and conversions to measure campaign performance against planned key performance indicators (KPIs).


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