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Locate & Learn

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  • Know the destination, discover the journey

    Verve Kinetic combines a world of location data signals to capture real information about real people.

  • A world of data signals

    Start with the widest array of location signals sourced directly from smartphones, beacons, digital wallets, and emerging IoT devices.

  • Accurate and trusted

    Our access to first-party data via diversified direct publisher partnerships drives quality, accuracy, and precision through the Verve SDK.

  • A history of innovation

    Verve has invented patent-protected techniques to tap the potential of mobile and to pioneer the future.

How Kinetic works

  • Ingest

    First-party location data collected from our SDK, direct publisher relationships, Verve-built apps, and other trusted sources.

  • Verify

    Patented algorithms clean and score the original ingest, discarding fraudulent information and identifying the most reliable location data.

  • Match

    Location data are matched to our database of over 20M points of interest (POIs) to accurately attribute visitation and reveal customer intent through observation of historical movement patterns.

  • Associate

    Mobile devices are matched with home and work locations to enable household associations and CRM/Loyalty database connections.

  • Scale

    Capturing 300B location events per month powers Verve Kinetic to output models that enable us to score exchange data for effective reach and scale.

Our edge in data accuracy

Our edge in data accuracy

Not all data are created equal. Signals from Verve Beacons, along with digital wallets and IoT devices, are collected by the Verve SDK, producing data that helps you locate consumers, analyze their behavior, and connect with them in the moments that matter.

Meet our Software Development Kit (SDK)

Our SDK is the foundation of Verve Kinetic. It easily integrates into applications, collecting data from engaged audiences to power Movement Science™ and deliver contextually relevant experiences.

  • Location data capture via integration with diversified, premium publisher partners

  • Widest array of trusted data signals from phones, beacons, and other IoT devices

  • Location-informed, exclusive mobile marketing down to the in-aisle level

  • Full viewability measurement via Moat and Integral Ad Science

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